Xiaomi Teases To Launch New TV With OLED Display


Xiaomi has recently teased about the launch of new Mi TV with an OLED display. The company started to tease about its new television on Weibo first. There are no proper details about the new model of this Mi television but we can say that it is going to be excellent. One of the tipsters suggested that this is the next-generation OLED TV. Last year also, Xiaomi introduced its Mi TV Lux series with OLED displays. Traditionally, Xiaomi is the company that uses LED panels on its Mi TV range. This is something that does not provide high contrast ratio and vivid colors that the users get through an OLED panel but they are typically very much affordable.

We got information about this upcoming television model of Xiaomi through Weibo. One of the Mi TV General Manager on Weibo shared some images that were showing two different TV sets. The executive then asks his followers to find out and know which of them is the new model. Therefore, this appears to be a marketing way for launching the new television from Xiaomi.

However, the teaser was not clearly providing any of the details about the upcoming model of the Xiaomi television. But nonetheless, we are very much sure that the all-new set of Xiaomi television is going to have an OLED display. This will make the experience of people wondering. The tipster said that the company  Xiaomi could start exploring ways for bringing the mini LED and OLED TVs at compelling prices over time.

Last year, Xiaomi brought the Mi TV Lux 65-inch 4K OLED TV into the Chinese market and it was around CNY 12,999 (roughly Rs. 1,48,800). After this, the company then introduced Mi TV Lux Transparent Edition in August. This was a 55 inch OLED display television and cost around CNY 49,999 (roughly Rs. 5,72,300). This is too very costly but still, there are a number of people who got interested to purchase them out and fulfilled their obsession as well.

It is very much unclear whether Xiaomi will bring the all-new version of television at cheap rates or not. The company has not yet come forward to explain and tell the people what exactly they are thinking to do. But it is 100% sure that the new model of the television is going to very perfect and full of experiences.

Just wait for the all-new Xiaomi TV to launch. As soon as it gets launched all the people obsessed with accessories and such things can make purchase for it. Till the time stay connected and read here with us.

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