January 26, 2022

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World’s Most Astonishing Gaming Mouse Cursors Free Download

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Credit: YouTube

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Everyone is using their computer more than ever in this pandemic period, and computers have become a necessity. But the problem is the gaming mouse cursors free download that is available in the windows is not that attractive and sometimes it annoys us. The cursor is the thing that we will always look at while using the computer. 

Windows allows us to change the mouse pointers and we will look into some of the best gaming cursors for your windows. These gaming mouse cursors free download can help you to customize your pc as per your requirement. Changing the cursor is not a big deal follow the steps that are given in this article to change it yourself.

We will look into some of the best pimpandhost mouse that is available for you to download for free. We will also look into the steps to install the cursor. The mouse pointers mentioned below are the latest ones and these are the most download and most liked cursors of all time.

What are the latest pointers available for free?

Even though there are several free pointers we will look into the best pointers.

Cut the Rope Game Cursors

These Cut the Rope pointers are inspired by the game and it is best for every kid, This pointer is best for both kids and adults irrespective of their age. This cursor is the most loved cursor for kids. While using this cursor it will also promote your child’s feeling.

DIM Cursor Combo

Every desktop in build cursor feels numb and to improve the experience, We would recommend you to use the DIM cursor combo. The design of this cursor also looks awesome. It is available in three colour variants such as blue, green and red. The blue colour cursor is named Techno Blur, green is named as Nitro Green and red is named as Infrared. There are also several other free alternatives with this pack of cursors. 

Neo Alien Pointer

This is best for gamers and it makes you feel a better advanced futuristic pointer. This pointer was created in a very sleek manner and looks like a gaming companion. This is the most downloaded gaming cursor all over the world.

How to Install Mouse cursors

Follow the below-mentioned steps to install the pointers yourself:

  • Use WinRAR and extract the zip file to a specific location.
  • Now open the extracted file and select .inf file and click install.
  • Now go to the control panel and in the control panel, you can find mouse properties, select that and click pointers.
  • Now under the scheme menu select the pointer that you want to keep as your cursor. 
  • Now click apply to make changes to your cursor.


Get your desired custom cursor now and for this new cursor to pop up in the place of the old one it is required for you to restart the computer once. Some pointers will support all windows and most of them will only support the latest version so it is suggested to keep your windows updated to the latest version.