January 27, 2022

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WordPress Trends to Watch Out for in 2021

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WordPress, ever since its inception in 2003, has undergone several security upgrades, changes and fresh additions. The availability of free tools and plugins has further enhanced the popularity of this platform. In case any of your websites run on WordPress, you would be curious about the potentialities on the offering. In this post, you will get to know the latest WordPress trends to watch out for in 2021, that would dominate you.

Staggering statistics you should check out

  • Presently, 38.6% of the global websites runs on WordPress
  • Among CMS websites, WordPress has already bagged two-third of the share in the market
  • Among the leading 1 million websites, around 33% are based on WordPress
  • 83% of the existing WordPress sites have already switched to Version 5, the latest iteration

With these jaw-dropping statistics defining the popularity of WordPress, you should be confident of owning a site that runs on this platform.

Key WordPress website trends to Watch Out for in 2021

Now, let’s explore the WordPress trends to check out in 2021.

Video backgrounds

Video backgrounds, as a viable alternative to static images or sliders, have proved effective in mitigating bounce rates. Besides, they tend to increase the session lengths on the sites on an average. In video backgrounds, the deployment of commercial GIFs makes them lighter than expected. In 2021, more WordPress sites would be using these backgrounds, strengthening the trend further.

Multipurpose themes

The need for versatility led to the inception of multipurpose themes. With these themes, WordPress website owners enjoy the comfort of using a single theme in different ways for separate websites. In the process, they can save their investment significantly, without having to purchase multiple themes. In 2021, the use of multipurpose themes is likely to increase. Users benefit from the flexibility, faster support and choice they have, while using these themes. WordPress owners can also install these themes anywhere.

Use of website builders

Even non-developers can seamlessly build visually appealing websites on WordPress, thanks to the availability of website builders. Also termed as ‘drag-and-drop-builders’, these tools do away with the requirement of coding altogether. Besides, some of these tools come in a freemium model. Evidently, WordPress users can download the free version to test its competence. Later, they upgrade it to enjoy a better set of features and functionalities. The last couple of years has witnessed an increased use of website developers like Divi, Themify, Visual Composer and Elementor. The trend is likely to dominate WordPress in 2021 as well.

Use of white space

 Given that several WordPress owners love minimalistic themes, a growing number of websites display the use of white space. This is effective in attracting the visitors’ eyes. With heavy margins, these themes offer an uncluttered look. The users can also enjoy more scrolling space using their thumbs.

Besides, deploying more white space eases up the ability of the users to scan the sites for relevant information. Websites carrying more white space also come with a better CTA. Such minimalistic themes with more white space are likely to be in vogue in 2021.

The deployment of 3D virtual reality defines yet another new trend. Using WordPress websites definitely offers a multiplicity of benefits. The visibility of the mentioned trends underlines the website owners’ potentials to upscale their business.

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