What Is Clip Tray In Android? How Can One Find It In Different Devices?

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Clip tray also gets fame up as a clipboard. It has the function for mobile phones and PCs. It does the work of providing temporary storage. lg g4 clip tray can save the text and images for pasting it anywhere whenever required. Here one can prefer to save the storage up to 20 times more. But the count for this depends upon different devices.

You can surely locate the option of my clip tray on the keyboard. Here you can press the key in the keyboard menu. It will make an appearance for which you have tapped in the clipboard.

What is android clip tray?

It gets as temporary space created for items in mobile phones. Android clip tray can save down copy and cut images or text. After this, you can paste it anytime and anywhere you will. At maximum, one can save about 20 clip trays.

Where is my clip tray icon on the mobile phone?

In general, one can find the option of the keyboard in your android device. Therefore there is two way to approach where is my clip tray.

Method 1

  • When you open the message, you will be able to see the arrow-like icon. You can find it on the top row of the keyboard. Tap on that icon.
  • After this, you can see a menu where one can see icons, clipboards, and more.
  • Tap on that, and one can easily visualize the saving of text or images on the clipboard.

 Method 2

  • You need to tap and hold the option of the text box clipboard that appeared on the screen.
  • Tap down on the clipboard option. It will help you to save the text and images.
  • Later you can copy, cut and paste whenever required.

Clip tray or clipboard option in MS word

In MS word, one can easily save a copy, cut the clipboard. Even one can paste after this anywhere. One can even prefer to paste in another document.

Follow the steps to copy and cut the text on MS word.

  1. Copy the text with a selection of the text and ctrl C altogether. It means your text has now got coped in lg g4 clip tray. In-home menu, you need to find the option for the clipboard. It would come up at the top-right side just below format painter.
  2. After clicking on the clipboard, one can visualize the dialog box. It will appear on the right side of the page. It will copy the text that appeared on the dialog box.
  3. Now you can easily paste it wherever you feel like. It would surely stay with you for longer. Once you close down, then save the text on the clipboard, will automatically remove it.

How can you get your Google keyboard clip tray?

For these, you need to follow down the steps as mentioned here side.

  1. Land on the play store and search for the option of Google keyboard.
  2. After finding it, tap to download it to your device.
  3. Make installation and open up the app that supports the Google keyboard clip tray.
  4. Tap on it, and you can use it further.


Clip tray comes in the android device to make the work much comfortable. Hence, all people can enjoy the copy, paste, cut-like options in any device.

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