January 27, 2022

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Ultimate Steps to Remove a Virus From an iPhone?

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Credit: Maine News Online

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While this kind of situation comes as rare to the people, iPhone rarely gets affected by the virus. However, it would only happen when you have touched on some suspicious link. Or else you might have made the download an app from an unregistered app store. But don’t worry much. Here you can follow some steps to remove the virus from your iPhone

How to remove a virus from iPhone? 

Restart your device. It comes up as one of the best and easiest methods to restart your device to get rid of the virus. One can surely make a restart of the iPhone by sliding the power button off the knob. Long press the power off knob and slide it towards your right. After this, you can wait for a while and start up your iPhone again. 

  • Clear your all browsing data and history 

Is the virus landed on your device with clicking on some suspicious links? If yes, then you need to clear all your browsing data. The virus might live in your phone as the older files. You can click on the settings and then the clear history option. Tap on it, and you might visualize a pop-up section. 

Make sure that if you remove all these data, then auto-fill information like passwords will vanish. Unfortunately, it means you need to start things again. 

  • Make a restore of your iPhone from previous backup versions. 

You can prefer to make restore your iPhone following the previous backup. Here you can make use of the cloud or previous data stored in the computer. In the case of computer storage, you can check for the restore with iTunes. 

  • Make a reset for all content and settings option. 

Have you applied down the methods mentioned above? Are you still left with the same? In this case, you can erase the content on your iPhone. Next, you need to land on the settings option under the general feature. After this, you can select the reset options. Lastly, it would be best to choose the option to erase all the content and settings options. 

In this step, you would erase all your data stored in your device. It would take a risk with contacts, photos and more. 

Make sure you keep your iPhone secure 

All these methods will surely work to remove the virus from your device. But now, you need to secure your device from repeating the same. There are many precautionary measures which you need to take. Here you can check out the simple tips which can help you further. 

  • Don’t always allow your device to make the download from unknown sources. It comes up as a jailbreak of your device. It will lower down all security options of the iPhone. It can give allowing for viruses and malware to directly accessing with your device. 
  • Try to keep your iPhone with up-to-date downloads of the updates for release. You can check out the selection of the available option under the software updates. 


It can help prevent one from getting better with a cure with iPhone, which might get infected with the virus. One can surely remove quickly to make damage the system.