January 27, 2022

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Top Mobile App Development Trends of 2021

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With mobile apps at the fingertips of potential consumers, business houses have been heavily banking on upcoming trends of app development. The last few years have witnessed a heavy integration of mobile marketing. With feature-rich applications customized for each business requirement, business owners are looking forward to embrace fresh mechanisms to boost marketing. Mobile app trends substantially reflect consumer demands, technological advancements, and various other factors. In this post, you will get to know the leading top mobile app development trends in 2021.

Hottest & Top mobile app development trends to look out for 2021

With a larger number of businesses migrating to the virtual space, new mobile app development trends are already visibility

Internet of Things (IoT)

Think of automated homes, intelligent car parking spaces of any AI-enabled device you use.

Even a decade ago, few people thought that they would be able to control their kitchen or bedroom using an app while they are miles away! The future of our civilization heavily depends on IoT. With an IoT-enabled lock system, you can ensure the security of your home.

Then you have doorbell cams, smart locks, lighting systems, and other intelligent applications to pamper your lifestyle. Industry leaders are quickly partnering mobile app developers to integrate this sophisticated mechanism into their business apps.

5G technology

For mobile applications, efficiency and speed are core elements that define the user experience. 5G technology is already changing the way developers, creators and resellers are working on mobile apps trends. With this new technology, mobile apps would experience a 10x dip in latency. It would also enhance traffic capacity and network efficiency. Depending on the network operator, apps would be much faster, as compared to 4G. Most importantly, developers would be integrating more features into the apps.

Beacon technology

Presently, a wide range of industries is embracing beacon technology. Particularly, the hospitality, healthcare, and retail sectors have found this mechanism to be productive indeed. Eventually, they are approaching developers capable of integrating beacon technology into their apps.

The beacon technology enables potential customers to receive push notifications, as they pass close to a store. With the dedicated app already present in the handset, customers would receive a notification, detailing the deals and offers in the store close by. Besides, it enables store owners to monitor customer behaviour while making the purchase.

Artificial intelligence

Well, you might be thinking that you already have AI on Alexa and Siri, right? Well, AI encompasses much more than these features. With Apple releasing Core ML 3, developers are working hard to come up with apps embedded with AI. These are some of the new features on mobile apps, that run on AI.

• Face detection
• Image recognition
• Image and text classification
• Recognizing and classifying sentiments
• Predictive maintenance
• Speech recognition

Apart from these trends, mobile wallets are also catching up fast. A report shows that mobile wallet transactions in 2019 stood at $6.1 billion. This amount is likely to hit $13.98 billion in 2022.

Integrating advanced features into mobile apps, marketers and business owners are moving towards a data-oriented approach to tap potential markets. Eventually, mobile marketing is likely to penetrate deeper into the marketing mix in the coming years.

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