Perfect Guide to Know How to Use Google Maps on Windows Phone?’



In recent times, everyone keeps on changing their phone, and going from Android to Windows is something different. If an individual will change the android phone to a windows phone, then one thing, they will miss is Google Maps. The default maps on the Windows phone have improved vastly in past so many years and Nokia’s ‘Here Maps’ are one of the good things. One thing that you will miss on in these maps is the real-time traffic, using google maps for microsoft phone help you to know about the real-time’s traffic. And based on that you can easily choose your way to home. But maps in Windows phones are something different.

Are you interested to know ‘how to use google map for windows phone’? If yes, then you should read the article and learn about this in detail.

Which features attract people to use google maps on different devices?

  1. Google map for windows phone can be easily used even when you are offline, there is turn-by-turn voice-guided GPS navigation.
  2. These are the maps that let you know about real-time traffic. This further makes it easy for you to choose your way.
  3. Through google maps app windows phone, you can easily find your destinations even with their ratings, price, distance, opening hours, and many more.
  4. This is the application that is controlled with voice and helps you to search your queries and everything using your voice instead of typing. Hence, these are the Google map features that attract people the most.

How to use google maps windows phones?

Google do not make any maps or applications for the Windows phone, but there are so many people who are interested in using Google applications on Windows phone. In case, you are the one amongst them then you need to use the 3rd party application store. This will be the play store that will help you in using google maps on windows phone without any problem.

Do you know? Google Maps is having a browsing version as well, but this is the version that okay on Windows phones but it bit slow for navigation. And one of the major drawbacks is that there is no offline support. So, to have the best experiences you definitely need to download the 3rd party app.

How to install maps on a Windows phone?

After installing the google maps app for windows phone, you are going to have an option which map you are interested in using. You can easily use the offline maps that are already downloaded or can use the applications after installation- like Here Maps, Google Earth, Google Maps, etc. If you are choosing to download any other maps then you either need to download data using Wifi or a 3G/4G network.

One thing that you need to know is that even if you use here maps, then also the results come from Google. The traffic information on here maps is much more detailed as compared to the other maps. So, go and try out the maps that you are interested in.

In conclusion, google maps for windows phone are much more useful in modern times because it helps to reach the destinations in one go. So, if you get confused in remembering the routes, then Google maps will definitely help you.

Try them and enjoy reaching your destinations.

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