January 18, 2022

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Page Experience Update 2021- Web Core Vitals

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Credit: Search Engine Journal

Today most of us are very conscious about our website after hearing new changes from Google. But don’t worry, in this article, you will get all your doubts cleared as well as if you don’t have any questions then stick to the end you will be going to earn lots of knowledge about the new update from Google.

 We all know that page experience is a must for a website. So, the update which has come from Google is about the page experience. In this article, we will discuss the page experience update in web core vitals.

Let’s see first, what is page experience?

In short, the users who are visiting the page of a website for gaining information must have gone through these things, how fast the page is opening, how was the content for which they decided to visit your page, Whether the page is secured or not, and many more factors. These all factors are known as page experience.

In between mid-June to the end of August 2021, Google will slowly launch this new ranking signal. Google is taking time just because they don’t want any errors to occur in the search result.

Now the point is how google will check page experience according to the new update?

The page experience will generally depend on seven factors-

  1. Largest contentful paint – how fast the content is uploading to the website.
  2. First input delay – how quickly we can work or make changes on the website.
  3. Cumulative layout shift – how long the content of a website moves.
  4. Mobile Friendliness – how the page is visible on the phone.
  5. Safe Browsing – It checks all the harmful activities of the page.
  6. Https – It examines the SSL certificate.
  7. No intrusive interstitials – It scans the page should not have full-page pop-ups.

You got some idea about what all elements google will check according to the new updates. The above starting three points define web core vitals.

It is one of the factors on which the page experience depends.

These things check once if you forget.

Always go to your search console and check your “page experience” report. There will be four sections.

  1. Core Web Vitals
  2. Mobile Usability
  3. Security Issues
  4. Https

Below the page experience, you will find the “Core Web Vitals” section. Click on that, you’ll get to know more about all issues of this particular section.


The new changes that are introduced will help the user in terms of a better experience while visiting the pages. It will increase the security of the page so that users can access the web page without having second thoughts about their data safety. Also, the ranking factors of the web pages will improve and only the content which fulfills all the new terms of Google will be ranked at the higher position in the search terms. These changes are driven to provide genuine content in front of the users and to remove the bots.