January 20, 2022

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Most Popular Print Ads of All Time in 2021

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print ads : Peregrine Communications

With the rise in internet usage from the 1990s, online advertising has reached new heights no one predicted! Even in the past, entire corporations operated solely on advertising revenue, offering nothing but free internet. This has led to a rise in the usage of print ads in the current era, with some of them becoming more popular than others.

These are some of the most popular examples of some of the best print ads of all time.

Chupa Chups: Sugar-Free Lollipops

Chupa Chups is a very famous brand when talked about lollipops as it remains their most important product.

The print ad they developed remains to be one of the best print ads ever of all time.

When Chupa Chups started producing sugar-free lollipops, they faced a barrier in conveying the lollipops being sugar-free as it was unheard of by the general public up until they decided to advertise them, which resulted in one of the most popular print ads of all time.

They developed an excellent print ad idea that garnered the eyes of the world on them and the print ad idea to be declared a total success and best print ad of time.

The print ad showcased a lollipop laying on the ground with ants taking a long way to avoid the lollipop. This was unique for a brand that is simply selling sweets to have such a popular print ad, and that too for it to go total hit in public.

Pedigree: A dog makes your life happier. Adopt!

People say an image is worth a thousand words, which stands true for this ad campaign, one of the best print ads of all time.

There is nothing to this ad but just a pic with very minimal writing.

One picture shows a man standing without a dog, which emits a sad vibe, like him being lonely and needs to have someone in his life!

And the other picture is the same picture of the lonely man, just with a tad bit of difference with the person being in the same post but with a dog next to him and the text above stating: A dog makes your life happier. Adopt!

Subtle and to the point, it truly makes it the best and most popular print ad of all time.


Digital advertising is surely the dominant marketing force of this era, but creativity stands out for everything, even in advertising. It garners eyes on the print ad and makes people talk about it. Its because people like unique things, and it sticks in our minds for a long period. Many marketing and advertising agencies are trying to get into digital marketing, and print ads are slowly but surely suffering. Print ads require more effort, images and copywriting to succeed. It doesn’t matter what trend you follow or what path you choose to advertise your product, but you need to be creatively gifted to be a stand out in whatever you are doing, and these print ads are the best examples of that as they are simply the most popular and best print ads of all time.