January 26, 2022

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Know How to Edit Photos on Mac Without Photoshop

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Credit : FXGuide

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The Photos app which is available for Apple Mac built-in image editor is one of the best free photo editing software tools that can be used for editing photos. Most people think that to edit a photo they are required to buy 3rd party apps but it is not needed. There are also free apps that can be used to edit photos. Now from a normal shop to a person, everyone likes to edit their photos for better reach and now photos play a major role in everyone’s life.

Now  most people who have Apple mac were not able to know that how edit photos on mac without Photoshop like the normal windows users or Linux users because they have millions of free apps for editing but mac does not support all third-party apps hence we will find some of the best free editing software that can be used in mac without any premium upgrade and payment..

Photos app

The Photos app comes with OS X and is a near alternative for Photoshop. And it’s all free and the photos app offers you help with basic editing tools auto-enhance and crop and filter adjustment options.

How to use the Photos app

You can choose different filters and effects because this helps to reduce the time for editing pictures and it has many photo filters and many editing options.

  1. First launch the Photos app.
  2. Select the photo you want to edit.
  3. Now click the edit button.
  4. And then go to the Filters section.
  5. On the list of all lists you can select, filter or rotate your photo option.
  6. Now click the preview option and see the results and if you find it attractive click done and you can also use the rotate option in the menu to rotate your image.

And if you want to crop your photos 

  • Then after clicking edit in the toolbar click the crop option to unveil other aspects
  • And now it will allow you to choose the aspect ratio and you can also use the auto crop option to crop your photo automatically and when you feel the photo is cropped perfectly click done.


Pixelmator is an editor that was released in the year 2007 and it got more followers quickly to become a favourite of Mac users. Pixelmator is one of the fastest photo editors and it is a user-friendly user. Pixelmator will take care of all your photo editing needs and it also comes with a very less price tag and comes with a 30-day free trial when compared to other editing software.


GNU Image Manipulation software is a classic free software and better known as GIMP and it is available for free and was created in the year 1995 and GIMP is a total image editor and it offers a lot of functions that is offered by Photoshop and it is user-friendly principles of Photoshop to deliver the same results GIMP runs on. Mac, Windows, and Linux systems without any trouble.


Seashore was created and made free by mark paxoli as a free image editor and its simple design is very user friendly and it is considered as best for natural photography edits and it is very easy to use and it can help even beginners to edit their photos perfectly and it is considered best and suggested for beginners and it gives your photos a unique touch to them and even if it has lesser options it is enough to make u look pro just try it out.

And the first thing to do to have a great photo is by improving our skills in photography so we don’t have to depend on others for photos and mobile phones to a digital camera can help you achieve your desired results. Learn a few tricks and if you are unable to take good photos then don’t worry we got your back there are sites such as pixiby which offers you the best-non copyrighted photos for free.


Editing software for free is tough to find and if we look about how to edit photos on Mac without photoshop it is a catch to find the real working software and sites which teach us how to edit so we thought of giving the people what they want and started asking for reviews and opinion from people before analysing the above-mentioned apps and software as the best for mac pc as the best alternative for the photoshop software.