January 27, 2022

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How to Use Whatsapp on Smartwatch?

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Credit: dmcc.com

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Nowadays social media is booming and lots of people are using it for their personal as well as business use. But among all platforms of social media WhatsApp is the only platform that connects with the users very easily and too by their phone numbers.

Currently, technology is growing rapidly as well as users of social media are also increasing day by day. And all they need is that the gadgets that are introduced by the market should have social media buttons on them.

One of the gadgets which we are going to talk about in this article is the smartwatch and how we can use social media platforms especially WhatsApp.

How to install and use WhatsApp in our smartwatches?

As we all have smartwatches or we are planning to buy them, whatever the reasons maybe! We just want a convenient way to get in touch with our close ones using WhatsApp. And that too should be in our smartwatch.

Here we will see how we can install WhatsApp in our smartwatch. Basically, smartwatches come with different brands. So we have categorized smartwatches into two types:-

  1. Android Smartwatches
  2. Apple Smartwatches

Let’s learn more about these two types of brands of smartwatches in detail which will give you a clear picture of how to use WhatsApp in these brands and others as well because more or less the same methods will be followed in all types of smartwatches whichever you use.

  1. Android Smartwatches – To install WhatsApp in it. First of all, connect your phone and smartwatch with each other by whatever specific app is given by that smartwatch company. Just install the smartwatch company’s app on your smartphone and connect them to each other. Now open and give permission to WhatsApp on that specific app so that it can be accessible in your smartwatch as well. You are now all set to use by just clicking on the Whatsapp button on your smartwatch. 
  2. Apple Smartwatches – For this brand, you just need to scan the QR-code from WhatsApp which is on your smartphone. And yes now your work is done. You can easily access it on your smartwatch.

Hope you all get an idea till now for the installation part of the smartwatch.

Let’s come to how we can use smartwatches in both the brands:-

  1. Long messages can easily be seen on the screen. We can see the blink as well. Also,  there will be a keypad to type messages and reply to them as we do on our smartphones.
  2. If you read the messages on your phone then it will not be showing on your screen as a notification blink.
  3. If you send the emoji then it will not reflect on the screen, this happens with android gadgets. You will only see that the message had come.
  4. If you send the voice note then the time duration will not reflect on the screen. We can’t listen to the voice note as well. This generally happens in android.


Use Whatsapp or any other social media apps on your mobile device to have a smooth experience. Also using WhatsApp on the phone will also protect your eyes from getting damaged when looking on small screens.

Apart from that, you can use WhatsApp on your smartwatch to check your urgent messages.