January 20, 2022

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How to Solve Showbox not Loading on Android Issue?

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Having trouble with Showbox on your Android handset? Many users complain of showbox movies not working, when they face problems with this app on their phones. Of course, you love this buffering-free platform to enjoy your favourite collection of movies. Sometimes, users experience showbox update issues, but it is easy to fix these problems. Here we are telling you to how to solve showbox not loading on Andriod Issue..

In case you are stuck with this app, you might be wondering why isnt showbox working. Here, we bring you a comprehensive guide, that will help you how to solve showbox not loading on Andriod Issue put the entertainment app back in place.

Reboot your Android set

If you have issues like showbox on Android not working, you might try rebooting your device. This is an effective solution for most Showbox problems.

  • Press the Power button and the Volume button of your device simultaneously. After sometime, you will find the device turning off.
  • At times, the phone screen would stay dark. In this case, you might not be able to see whether or not it is on. Until the phone vibrates, keep holding the power and volume buttons down together.
  • Now, hold the power button down for sometime until you find the display turning on. The phone would also vibrate, indicating the boot up process.

 In this process, you can resolve your showbox app for android not working issue.

Clearing the cache of Showbox app

If your showbox android app not working issue continues, the problem may root from in the cached files. Remember, Showbox connects to various servers to fetch TV shows and movies of your choice. While the data is being downloaded or uploaded, the volume of cached data increases. Sometimes, erroneous and corrupted files make their way to the cache, leading to issues like showbox movies not loading. You can solve this issue by clearing the cache.

  • Go to the ‘Settings’ app of your phone
  • Visit the ‘Storage’ section and click on ‘Apps’
  • Choose the app called ‘Showbox’ from the list that appears
  • Press the option ‘Clear cache’ to flush out the files

 Hopefully, your android tv box showbox not working issue would be resolved.

Installing the app’s latest version

In case you still experience problems like showbox not working december 2019, you might try installing the latest version of the app. Although the app brings you some premium content, Google Play Store is yet to accept it officially. This indicates that you need to get the app from some other site and keep it updating manually whenever the developers release a new version. In case you find that showbox won’t load, try installing the latest version of the app.

  • Go to the menu called ‘Developer Options’ in the settings and enable ‘Unknown Sources’
  • You can visit Aptoide or APKPure to download the app’s latest version
  • Install the APK on your handset and check if it operates normally

In case you had been wondering whats wrong with showbox, the problem will be sorted by now.

Try the web-based version of the app

Users experiencing the showbox not working nov 2019 issue may try the web version of the app. This app has got a strong community online, with more than 40,000 members. In case your app is not working properly, you can visit the online community to check whether others are also facing a similar issue. Try using the web-based version of the app in this case to get access to its features.

  • Go to the mobile or PC browser
  • To access the web app, type www.showbox.space
  • You might receive the sign in request, which you have to fulfil
  • Get started with your favourite movie or TV show

Hopefully, by now, you can see how to solve showbox not loading on Andriod issue. Some users use VPN to get access to showbox. You too, may try out this tactic.

We have presented you with a comprehensive approach to resolve Showbox problems. In case you still have a query, feel free to post the same in the comments section below.

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