January 26, 2022

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How to Customize Your WordPress Theme Frame

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Credit: WordPress.org

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WordPress may be a very user-friendly platform and an excellent option for creating websites. It numerous features and is straightforward to customize. one among the simplest ways to make an attractive and professional-looking website is to use one among the thousands of WordPress theme frame available within the dashboard.

WordPress Theme frame are a foundation for some themes, which are built on a framework – as dissent some which are built from scratch. Theme frameworks represent two categories – one, developed by a corporation for their specific theme shop, and two, people who are liberal to be employed by anyone for his or her projects. Consider the WordPress core because the foundation of a home and therefore the theme the add-ons that add aesthetics. During this article, we’re getting to check out how we are able to customize a WordPress Theme frame.

Use the WordPress Customizer

WordPress features a built-in tool called Customizer, which allows you to customize your site without having to form any changes to your site’s code. It’s not the foremost in-depth customization tool within the world, but it’ll assist you make simple customizations, like changing your logo, layout, colour scheme, and more. 

You can access the tool by steer to Appearance>Customize from within your WordPress dashboard. 

Once you open up the Customizer you’ll have a menu on the left-hand side, which can show you what elements of your site you’ll edit. 

The site elements you’ll change will depend on the theme you’re using. However, you’ll typically be able to change the subsequent things:

Logo and title. Here you’ll be able to upload a logo and alter the scale, change your site’s tagline, and more. 

General layout. Here you’ll make adjustments to your navigation menus, sidebars, headers and more. you’ll change the dimensions and appearance of those layout elements. 

Color scheme. Here you’ll adjust the colour scheme across your entire website, you’ll change body text color, header colors, link colors, background, and far more. 

Typography. During this section, you’ll change the typography across your site. Take care to not get to font crazy and stick with two fonts across most of your site. 

Menus. Here you’ll add new menus to your site, choose where you would like them to display, and even create new menus. 

Widgetized sections. The widget sections you’ll be ready to customize will depend on your theme. Here you’ll add new items to widgetized sections and customize these areas however you desire. 

As you’ll see, the WordPress Customizer is pretty powerful and allows you to form a large amount of changes to your site. Plus, the changes will appear in real-time, so you’ll see if you wish the changes before you publish them live. 

Use the Built-in WordPress Theme Customization Options

This customization option will differ counting on what theme you’ve got installed. Some themes will have fixed options which will permit you to customize effectively every aspect of your theme, while others are going to be bare bones.

You will have to access the theme options from your WordPress dashboard. You ought to have a part on the left-hand side that’s constant name because the theme you’ve got installed.

Click this and you’ll be ready to see which customization options your theme has available.

Make Changes via CSS

CSS is what controls the looks of your site. Consider things like site colors, spacing, typography, and more. Your site’s CSS code controls more of the looks of the location than your theme’s core files do.

Before you progress forward, check that that you’re not changing the core CSS file. It’s easy to form mistakes and compromise the planning of your site. 

Instead, use the WordPress Customizer if you would like to create changes to your site. You’ll access the Customizer by following the steps within the first section, then select ‘Additional CSS’ from the bottom.

Here you’ll enter your CSS code to form changes to your site and changes should show up automatically in your theme editor. 

Use a WordPress Page Builder Plugin

WordPress page building plugins have feature of drag-and-drop functionality to WordPress. this is often a typical feature on plenty of other website builders on the market today (including the Gator Website Builder).

This makes it so beginners have complete control over the planning of their site, without having to the touch any code. As you build on and reposition certain website factor, the plugin will automatically create the underlying code. 

WordPress includes a ton of various page builder plugins you’ll use to feature this functionality to your website.