January 20, 2022

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How Can You Change the Wake Words on the Google Assistant?

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Even while it’s easy to remember to say: “Hey Google” and “OK Google,” the repetition can get a little tiresome after a while. If your wake words are getting old, you’d like to try some fresh ones.

Awesome capabilities of the Google assistant 

Google Assistant’s powers are practically limitless now that it’s on every single digital item in our lives. It can make our life easier by allowing us to do various tasks with a simple command. While Google continues to develop and expand on the Assistant’s capabilities, it’s clear that they’re not done yet.

To turn on or off the lights in your home, you ask Google Assistant to do so. An explore button on your smartphone or PC allows you to search for accessible apps quickly.

Also, how do you call up your own Google Assistant? As we’ll see below, despite all of Google’s customization choices, we’re still unable to modify the wake word for Google.

Use down the Google Assistant on your smartphone easily 

It is possible to complete many chores on your smartphone with the help of Google Assistant, even if your hands are full. This does not mean that you can’t make a phone call or use some of the functions of your phone, such as Bluetooth, while you’re chopping vegetables for dinner or trying to fix your TV

Even if your phone is locked, all you have to do is say, “Hey Google, call Catherine” or “OK Google, hang up.” If you use the magic wake phrase, the Assistant is activated immediately. This feature, however, must first be enabled. 

Features of the Google assistant 

Google Assistant can be a lot of fun. As long as everyone in your household is using Google Assistant on a Google Home device, you may set up different voices for each family member. If you want to sound like John Legend, you can even modify the voice.

Although you may not always be clear in your inquiry, Google Assistant can recognize related questions. Who sings “Teenage Love Affair,” for example? If you ask your Assistant to play Alicia Keys’ first album, she will. If it is easier to construct a routine, you can also give the Assistant three consecutive orders and expect it to carry them out.

You may start it by saying, “Hey Google, good morning,” to get it to turn on the TV, adjust the thermostat and unlock the front door.

According to the company, the Google Assistant can assist you in two languages simultaneously if your home is bilingual. Supported languages at the moment are English (US), French (France), German (Germany), Italian (Italian), and Japanese. 

Can one change the wake words to anything else? 

Hey Google and “OK Google” are currently not able to be changed to something else.

According to Google, there hasn’t been much interest in adding new wake terms to the dictionary. Nevertheless, a future version may include a custom wake word option. It’s possible to get Google to incorporate this functionality by doing one thing. The feedback option in Google.

Multiple factors have led Google to believe that the current wake words are sufficient for the time being.


What are your thoughts on these awesome types of benefits? It will help you to make use of the technology gifted from the Google assistant in a better manner.