January 20, 2022

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How Can You Add the Author Box in WordPress Without Plugins?

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This post mainly focuses on how the author can add the box in wordpress without using plugins. So you would have visualized the creative, elegant designed, and good-looking or simple type of author box. But here, you can know how does it look and feel for the author box?

Here you can learn about the wordpress author box without plugin. Also, you can customize it up with further details. 

Firstly, you should know what is author box is actually? Then, why should you make use of the author box? And, of course, How to leverage browser caching for Google analytics

What is an author box? 

It is a kind of specific block that can give a single post or page to your website. It includes information about the post author, displays before and after the post content. These all things get as author box. 

In general, the author box is used to share the information in the article with the author with readers. Therefore, one needs to add author image, internal as well external links. It should contain the author’s bio, profile, and social media links too. 

Why should you make use of the author box? 

Nowadays, it gets quite common to add the author box to a single page. The author box becomes necessary for owning and managing a multi-author website. It can also help the visitor to distinguish between the author’s posts as compared to another author. 

Why the information of the author box comes with visitors to the site? It can surely prove a medium for building further trust and connection with the visitors. It gets as basic criteria for the authorities. 

Also, there is the chance to expect the same visitor to visit the site again. So it will surely personalize instead of running the bots or admin with another curtain. 

How can one build the author’s authority impressive in wordpress? 

How to leverage browser caching for Google analytics? The answer to this question might prove a solution for it. 

You now know the importance of the author box on a website. It can help one to create a favorable environment with readers to connecting personally with the author. Its because the author shares down personal information about himself in the author box. 

You might have noticed great things with the wordpress author box without the plugin. So what are the things with building the special type of author’s box? 

You might have looked at many of the author bios on different websites. Also, you would have to visualize many different author box designs, bio information, links, and more. Here you can find sharing of things drawing the attention of the author box. 

  • Design 
  • Information  
  • Bio 
  • Social links 

Add the author box in wordpress without the plugin.

Do you want to make a wordpress author box without using a plugin? For this, you need to set yourself with the editing of wordpress themes files. Also, you need to add down a couple of lines with coding the wordpress theme file for work. 

But before adding anything to the theme, you need to create and use child theme wordpress. It will surely prevent you from the breakdown down your site completely in case anything goes bad.

However, you don’t need to worry much about adding the code to the theme file. First, you need to follow up on the tested method of codes in the wordpress theme. It would surely work perfectly with wordpress themes. 


It gets really important to make an addition to the author box. It will make the visitor realize how genuine your website works.