January 27, 2022

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Get to know the method for uninstalling the better discord

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how to uninstall betterdiscord
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Better discord is like the second version of discord like GB Whatsapp is of Whatsapp. Discord version is very much great because it is having a number of features and advantages for people. But recently it has been found that the version of better discord has been shut because for some reasons. Due to this only a new software is known as Bandaged better discord is out. This is a new software that is having a number of features that will help you out in customizing your website as per your needs. Here, you can see how to uninstall better discord?

However, by checking and surveys, it has been found that the people are not interested in using better discord. All they want is to know how to uninstall better discord it from their devices but the software is not having an uninstalling better discord button. Do you want to know how to uninstall this better bandaged discord? If yes, then you need to read this article carefully by the end. Because we are going to provide you information regarding the uninstalling of better discord. Have a look to gain more details on remove betterdiscord.

Why do the people want to know how to delete better discord?

There is a number of reasons due to which people need to uninstall better discord but one of the most common is the app crashing issue. Bandage better discord makes the application crash down on the device and much more ass well. Now, the question arises is that whether better discord is safe for people or not? Yes, better discord is totally safe for the people ass it is having a number of features. In case, you are still interested in remove better discord then read the things mentioned down.

How to betterdiscord uninstall software? Or how to remove better discord?

Like many of the other programs better discord is also not having a uninstall button. So, you have to try the other methods for betterdiscord uninstall it out. To know about the top best 2 methods for bandaged bd discord remove you need to read the things carefully and learn how to delete better discord.

METHOD 1: Firstly, you need to download and install an official application of bandaged better discord as it will clean the files of better discord. This is the only step that you need to perform and you are totally done. Hence, this is the first and one of the simplest methods through which you can better discord uninstall the better discord.

You have deleted the better discord but the new discord application is still there. To uninstall it out you can directly use the bandaged better discord plugins uninstall button. Ergo, this is all that you can do to uninstall better discord.

METHOD 2: If you want to uninstall the discord bandaged software from the computers or laptops then you need to follow these steps. Have a look to know about all of them.

  1. You need to open %appdata%\discord\0.0.300\modules\discord_desktop_core.
  2. Then you need to delete the folder and index.js.
  3. After that, you should rename index.js.old and index.js.
  4. Last, you have to reset the device and you are completely done. Hence, this is how you can uninstall the better discord bandaged

Follow the above-mentioned steps to solve the problem of “how to remove better discord” If you still face the problem then check in with Discord customer support or comment us we will do research on how do you uninstall betterdiscord.

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