Dont Miss These Facts On The RCP Components App In Android Devices

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Many of the users of the android device don’t know about RCP components in their devices. Well, it might get confusing a bit. But don’t worry here you can clear all your doubts. Do i need the RCP components? Get answer for it further. 

RCP recognize as a rich client platform. Its a kind of programming tool that many developers use. Therefore average users of the android phone should not poke their nose here. But to date, almost all people have great use of android. Therefore you have raised the question of what is RCP components on android? 

What is the RCP component? 

RCP component comes up as a programming tool that belongs to a group of the lower level. It works as a framework for all android devices. It can allow the programmers to develop a structure with applications on an existing computer platform.

In general, RCP components Samsung doesn’t allow the developer to make an app from scratch. Its because RCP can allow one to make the creation of the application. Also, one doesn’t require any tool for this. It means app developers now need to write the code and make their job done. Therefore you can get answer for what is RCP components samsung.

Why are RCP components seen on your android phone? 

RCP components play down the essential role in many android devices. The apps combined with RCP components can work along with the different operating systems. Moreover, it will help one to launch the application from different devices through RCP components.

Further, RCP components galaxy s5 makes the work of the developer much easier. Its because developers create the full-fledged application without any extra tool. Its mirroring the creation of products without a framework. 

But why does a normal person have RCP on their device? Its because the operating system can take help from the RCP. It will enhance to speed up the performance of the app at the same second. All these components continuously work in your device and support the function of your device. 

Can one disable the RCP components from your android device? 

Now you would have details for what is RCP component is in Samsung.  But can you disable it? Of course, yes. It means one can make easy access to stop the unknown apps and updates running in the background. Further, one can easily perform the task freely without any harm. You can easily disable the RCP in your device by the below-mentioned steps. 

  • Firstly you need to locate the unwanted application on your phone. 
  • Once you have finished, select the edit option and then on the folder. 
  • After this, one can visualize all details of it on the screen. 
  • Lastly, tap on disable icon to make the job done. 

Congrats! You have successfully disabled all unwanted apps from your device. 

Can you delete the RCP components? 

Well, you cannot delete the RCP components app. One cannot delete the components without rooting your smartphone. There are many apps for your device as part of your android. 

Therefore removing these RCP components app can harm your device. 

But here’s a solution to it. First, you can make download it from the Google play store. After this, one can easily delete or install unwanted apps from the device. 


Here you can follow all answers about RCPC components android. Moreover, here one can easily increase the compatibility of apps as a common API.

After reading the article you would have surely get answer for do i need RCP components.

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