Did You Want To Know About TTY mode Samsung Galaxy S5?

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Did you know what is tty mode on a phone ? The tty is the teletypewriter or an instrument that helps deaf and numeric people to type anything on phone. The phone performs similar duty after connecting to the TTY mode. TTY mode Samsung Galaxy S5 also helps deaf or numerical people to communicate on call.

Tty mode helps those people who are deaf, have a hearing problem, or have a speech problem. TTY mode is a telecommunications device that helps those people with hearing or speech disabilities to communicate. You can easily turn TTY mode ON from TTY in phone settings. Want to know how? You will get to know in the next section.

What is tty mode on a phone? How to turn on or off TTY in a phone setting.

What is tty mode on a phone?

In this section, you will know what is TTY on cell phone? TTY mode helps people who have disabilities in hearing and speech to text or communicate with phones. All phones have TTY modes including the Samsung galaxy s5.

How to turn on or off TTY mode in phone setting?

Follow these steps to use TTY mode in your phone or TTY mode Samsung Galaxy S5

Step 1. Go to the home screen

Step 2. Select the apps

Step 3. Select phone

Step 4. Select menu

Step 5 Select settings from the menu

TTY in phone setting 

Nowadays, the mobile phone has many features. We didn’t know all the features of mobile phones. TTY mode is one of them. TTY mode helps people with disabilities in hearing or speech to communicate or text via Mobile Phones.

How to turn TTY mode ON on iPhone

In this section, you will learn to use TTY mode on the iPhone. You can use TTY mode in an iPhone from a TTY device to an optional TTY adapter which comes under the range of $19. And now plug in the plugged into the iPhone adapter


TTY comes in a two-form HCO or VCO. Full TTY HCO or VCO in phone settings means that there is text-only communication between both perspectives of mobile phones. HCO means hearing carry over, in which you will hear a voice coming from text reading. then you write clubby text

How does the TTY device work?

The answer to what is TTY on cell phone is given before in this article. Now we will tell you how TTY works? The TTY devices work like a display screen or a modern laptop, computer. As the user types a text message. And the letter changes into an electric signal that travels in a mobile phone.


If you are a person who has hearing or speech disabilities and wants to use the phone for communication. You can use your phone with the help of TTY mode. TTY mode is present in all mobile phones including TTY mode Samsung Galaxy s2.

We hope that you can now understand What is tty mode on a phone?

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