January 27, 2022

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Best Way to Increase Domain Authority?

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Credit: DataFlair

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In this new digital era, we all want to build our empire online just because the traffic is increasing day by day, so it makes sense to sell our services, products, or pieces of information online. Whatever the reasons will be, we all start by creating a website to get users on it.

Now the point is how to increase audience retention on our website?

We can increase the retention of the audience just by providing valuable information in our content. Users will only stay for a longer duration if we will not give the solutions for their problem which they are facing and decide to visit our website.

At this point, you think that your work is over and now your website will rank on the top page of google because your content has the power to retain the audience. But the fact is, if we want the highest rank of our website on the search engine then we have to increase our domain authority.

What is the domain authority of a website?

Domain authority is developed by Moz. Google has no relation with domain authority. Domain authority is a matrix given by Moz that provides the information which determines whether your domain can rank in search engines. If there will be more value of domain authority then there will be higher chances to get in the top results of the search engine.

Let’s understand in more depth, website A has a domain authority score of 50 out of 100, and also there is another website B with a score of 80 out of 100 in domain authority, then website B has a higher ranking ability than website A in the search engine. And the score depends on the quality and quantity of the backlinks.

By reading the above section we got a clear picture of domain authority and which domain authority will be best according to the score of the domain.

However, now we have a thought like how we can increase the domain authority of our website?

Let’s explain this question in points.

  1. Find a keyword that has less competition and more traffic. Use those keywords in your content and make the content relatable.
  2. The number of quality backlinks should be more in comparison to the competitor’s backlinks.
  3. Backlinks should be from a unique domain. Always try to get backlinks from new domains.
  4. Always take backlinks from a website that have a higher score of domain authority which will automatically increase your domain authority.
  5. Only take do-follow backlinks. Don’t take sponsored backlinks or any other backlinks except do-follow.


Domain authority is a key factor for ranking your website on the top page of google. So, be careful while taking any kind of backlinks from any website. Also, calculate your domain authority only from the reputed websites. Always re-check the information you have gathered from social media.