January 20, 2022

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Best Open source Cross-Browser Testing Tools in the Year 2021

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credit : TestingWhiz


There are many ad infinitives for check for the web apps for people. It can give compatibility with enhanced structure. Here side, you can check out the top cross-browser testing tools shortlisted by the experts. 

The following curated list from the open source cross browser testing tools as popular features and making the latest download. This list can contain free cross-browser as testing tools. 

Cross-browser testing tools 

Cross-browser testing gets as a wise bear, making every type of web experience perfect with the browser with any mobile device. Here one can also make out the cloud-based actual device for the lab following. Therefore It is time to ditch your VMs and device labs. 


  • Easy to run manual, vision, and selenium test based on the cloud on 2050+ per actual desktop and mobile browsers. 
  • It has accurate record and replays features that allow one to record for a live test and run for the recorded test in parallel. 
  • One can offer visual testing with the automated type of screenshots and comparison. 
  • Run selenium and appium tests for the cloud. 

Lamda test

Lamda test gets as the cloud-based platform that can help one perform cross-browser compatibility with testing your web apps or websites. One can run the automated selenium scripts with Lambda’s Test scalable cloud girds. Even one can efficiently perform live interactive testing on natural browser environments. 


  • One can run the selenium automation tests as a scalable grid with having 2000+ browser environments. 
  • You can test your locally or privately hosted type of website for using SSH tunnel. 
  • Execute automated screenshots for the responsive type of testing for the website. 
  • It can help one to click the bug logging with your favorite bug tracking tools. It includes GitHub, Microsoft VSTS, Slack, Trello, BitBucket, Asana, etc. 

Selenium box 

One can make the enterprise selenium grid for running on-premises in your mind corporate cloud. It gets fully managed and highly scalable for people. It can allow one to execute the automated type of tests based on the web and mobile as open sources cross-browser testing tools for people. 

This product has the perfect design for the large type of organization with security-sensitive areas. It includes banking, insurance, medical fields, and more. In addition, this selenium box has the feature of SaaS solution with security and performance of the on-prem in-house deployments. 


  • This on-premises also has corporate cloud deployments. 
  • One can secure this as no tunnel, or external access is required for people. 
  • It is a highly scalable option. 
  • One can fully manage it with maintenance-free structures. 
  • You can check for the enterprise integration as LDAP, CROWD further. 
  • Selenium box gets operated in the desktop browser, emulators or simulators, and real devices also. 


Every person should surely make out the open-source type of cross-browser testing tools. All these tools get the most reliable as compared to others.