January 23, 2022

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Best Font Combinations That Suit All Business Project Design

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Choosing the best font for your design may be the toughest thing to do while designing and the selection of the perfect font is very important for the brand or business that is going to use it and it is very important to select the font as per your design and we will look into the five best fonts that are available for anyone t use and make their perfect project design.

Lists of the top Five fonts that look better together

Garamond & Helvetica Neue  

This is one of the oldest and best performing great font combinations that you can find and to follow this combination use the Garamond font for the text and for the heading you have to use the Helvetica Neue font, by using this method when someone is searching for your business they will get attracted and they will look more into your business design and you can also choose from a different size so that it will look perfect and make sure both the heading and context and don’t forget to make the heading bigger than the text and this is the best font combinations.

Courier New & Montserrat

This is the most desired font combinations for print and this is one of the combinations of fonts that look good together, Courier New is one of the top font combinations with Montserrat and this courier new looks like a classic typewriter font and Montserrat is one of the most recent fonts and it can be seen everywhere from websites to social media and it is suitable for any content and using both the old and new fonts is really an innovative way to be liked by the new generation than being in the old century and this is best for your products and services and this can attract both the old and new people.

Josefin Sans & Amatic SC

This combination is the best font combination for print and this combination will not work everywhere as these fonts suits a gentle business like healthcare and this combination can attract people towards your site, this is not suitable for business and companies, it makes the text look special and unique and use Amatic SC for heading and Josefin for texts and this combination is found in many blogs also and this is a friendly font that takes its design as per the content as these fonts that go together as one than the other combinations.

Source San Pro & Times New Roman

As we all know Times New Roman is the most widely used font for all documents and even in court it is used and now as there are many fonts most websites won’t use the times new roman for their sites.  Source San Pro is one of the modern fonts that can work as a perfect partner with the Times New Roman font and it is most recommended for all brands and use the Times New Roman as the primary title font and the source san pro for the inside content and this will definitely give you better results than expected. 

Raleway & Lustiana

These fonts are recognized as the most beautiful font even in Microsoft word font pairings and this best font pairings. Raleway can give you a modern and premium and sexy look and it also promotes enthusiasm and while talking about Lusitania it is a dynamic font that looks sleek. And when we combine these both they start functioning as they were made for each other and psychologically when the text and heading are good we will be forced to read more than what we came for. These fonts are new and even though in a very short span of time they have set their foot in conveying information to the larger public and this is only recommended for contents and other small pieces of information.


Every business and every service or product or even to teach something communication is very important and these fonts can act as a better companion for everyone to convey their thoughts without meeting each and everyone directly and select your desired font size and design so that it can bring you more positive vibes than negative ones.