January 20, 2022

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A ‘Site’: Search Doesn’t Show All Indexed Pages

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Credit :Search Engine Journal

Everyone is reminded from Google that a site: search isn’t intended to show all of a site’s indexed pages

According to Google’s John Mueller, Site: queries do not return a complete list of a website’s pages. The latest instalment of the Ask Google bot video series on YouTube tackles this issue. For example, there are 28 pages listed in a search, despite claiming that all of their pages can be found on Google when searching for them individually. 

That may seem out of the ordinary, but Mueller assures us that it’s perfectly normal. Here’s his response to the question. Check it out here without fail. 

Google’s John Muller on site: Queries 

Using a site: query tells Google only to return results from a specific domain name.

When using Google, you could, for example, enter the site: searchenginejournal.com if you only wanted to see pages from Search Engine Journal. Then, add a keyword before the site: command to refine your search. So, Google will return results from a single domain that are relevant to the search term.

As an example, if you wanted to see articles about Core Web Vitals from Search Engine Journal, you’d type in “core web vitals site: searchenginejournal.com”

If you’re looking for something specific, this can be a useful tool. However, it’s not intended for diagnostic purposes. Instead, check out the things as explained by Muller. 

“site: queries aren’t meant to be complete or used for diagnostics. One of the types of searches is a site query, which limits the results to a single website. In essence, it consists of the word website, a colon, and the website’s domain name.

When using this query, the results are limited to a specific website only. A comprehensive collection of all the pages from that website is not intended.” 

A site: the search will return 50 results if you know you have 100 indexed pages. Use Search Console to find out how many pages of your website Google can index. A report in Search Console called Index Coverage tells you exactly what’s indexed and which pages (if any) aren’t.

Muller further continuous explaining to the people. It will help if you read here side till last. 

Search Console is a better option for those interested in knowing how many pages Google has indexed from your website.

A free tool from Google, Google Search Console, lets you know how Google Search sees your website.

As well as the number of pages currently indexed, Search Console lets you see how your pages appear in search results.

Here’s how to use Search Console’s Index Coverage report: The Index Coverage Report in Google’s Search Console is explained in detail. There are several reasons Google may be unable to index any of your pages, and this report will explain them. Then you can fix the problem and re-submit the URL for indexing using the same report.

Therefore without fail, you need to check out the structures in an enhanced manner. All this information can be set further with the people on the site of Google. 


There are many preferable structures for the people with enhanced structures. Therefore you should surely make regular updates with all this kind of information.