January 27, 2022

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9 Awesome Tips For Google Drive That You Never Know

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credit: Business - Insider

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You would surely make use of Google Drive1, which would get top of the list. It can help one to take up the notes from it. Google drive comes up as one of the tools which can hardly get replaced by the other one. 

Google drive got launched for the first time in the year 2018. Here you can surely make out things better with useful tips to make use of it. 

Use keyboard shortcuts. By following these simple shortcuts, you can make many of the tasks easier in Google drive. It includes as follows: 

  1. Shift+ s give you a new spreadsheet 
  2. Shift +t can give you a new type of the document 
  3. Shift +p lead to making out a new type of the presentation 
  4. / can take you to a drive search 
  • Send the larger files to other people 

Are you struggling with the file size of the Gmail account? If yes, then you should surely need to switch up for Google drive. Gmail might give you the limits for the attachment of about 25MB. It means you don’t need to worry about checking for sending of bigger video, audio, complex image files and more. 

  • Crop, mask and add up the border to the images. 

After adding up the image into a particular document, you can make its presentation. One can also crop it, mask it or make out the borders. 

  • Customize the items that get displayed in Google drive 

Google drive has made the changes for the default as list view to the grid view options. Therefore you can visualize the large type of icons in it. It gets very easier to make customization of the things in a better manner. 

  • Save the web content like images right to the drive. 

Google has made an extension tagged as the save to Google drive option. It can help the person to save up the document, images, links and HTML too. Even you can save the audio as well as video files from it. So you can get many of the benefits with Google to drive with only one click. 

  • Access and edit your documents as an offline base 

Google Drive has a great feature. One among them comes up as to access and edit up the document as the offline base. You can make changes to it on various devices. It includes desktop, tablet, iPhone, Android devices and more. All these changes will automatically get updated after you reconnect it with the internet. 

  • Look at the revision history and restore your previous versions. 

  It can allow a person to make changes with the file as per drive. You can surely make a revert with the earlier version of the life. You can check out the details with a right-click with the view details option. 

  • Set the drive as your default document locations 

You can surely make the Google drive with default for saving the locations. It comes as the all-new version of the window’s desktop computer. 


If you always need to work with the files and documents, you should note down these tips to use google drive.