January 26, 2022

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4 Benefits of Responsive Web Design

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Being a blogger, business owner, or marketer, you must have come across the term ‘responsive web design’. Fresh web designing trends reveal that an increasing number of websites are responsive. These sites aim to optimize the browsing experience of the users, adapting to their screen size or device. With more than 52% of the internet users accessing the internet from mobile handsets, business owners have realized the value of making their websites responsive. SO, here you can see 4 benefits of responsive web design that will definitely attract you. These websites bestow internet users with more flexibility, enhancing the user experience on different devices substantially.

Why is responsive web design necessary?

Thanks to low-cost mobile data and the penetration of internet in suburban areas, an increasing number of people are accessing the cyberspace from their handsets. Therefore, website owners now need to make their sites compatible with mobile handsets, tablets, laptops and PC. Presently, some websites enjoy more than 40% traffic inflow from mobile handsets. Evidently, from the commercial standpoint, it is natural for website owners to make their sites responsive. Failing to do so implies missing out a significant chunk of customers. The leading website developers offer responsive designs at reasonable prices.

4 benefits of Responsive web design – Key advantages of having a responsive website

Check out the prime benefits of making your website responsive to devices.

Strengthen your SEO

As a website owner, you must be knowing the value of optimizing your pages. A strong SEO can significantly boost your website rank. Google algorithms favour responsive websites when it comes to SEO. Therefore, making your website responsive can give you an edge. In search engine results, your website would appear higher, as compared to your competitors.

Lower bounce rates

The last thing business owners expect is to lose potential customers. With a slow and unresponsive website, visitors are likely to move on to other places online. It is imperative for website owners to make their platforms compatible with the users’ devices. Given that potential customers or visitors wouldn’t be waiting long for your site to load, a responsive site can come to your rescue. Eventually, this will lower the bounce rate.

Economic feasibility

As compared to standalone mobile app development and separate desktop websites, it takes comparatively lesser time to develop responsive sites. Equating time with money, the cost of building a responsive site turns out to be lesser than two alternatives. In the long run, website owners would make substantial savings in terms of configuration costs, maintenance expenses, etc. Rather than having two different versions of your website for PC and mobiles, it is economic to have one comprehensive platform.

Faster pages and conversions

The attention span of users on mobile web pages is particularly lower. In case the site takes longer than 3 seconds to load, most users are likely to switch to another website. Responsive sites come with pages optimized for mobile devices. Features like responsive image display and caching further elevate the overall user experience. This results in a faster loading speed, speeding up the conversion process altogether.

Responsive sites also enable easier reporting of analytics. All these advantages define the strategic benefits of using responsive sites for business. You may approach one of the established website developers to build responsive sites for your purpose.

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